Frequently Ask Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we recieve from our customers. Have a look through these if you would like to know more about the BE4000 or the service we offer.


If you cannot find the answer to your query then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact box at the bottom of the page.  If you would prefer to talk with us over the phone you can reach us at 01923 77 69 48.

What is My Cloud Voice?

My Cloud Voice is a small team of passionate individuals based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and a part of Tesrex. We have years of experience in helping our customers find the right technology they need in order to grow their business.


We pride ourselves on our great customer service and are always a phone call away when you need us.


We have a close partnership with Cisco which enables us to offer our customers significant discounts on the hardware which makes up your personalised communications platform.

How do the licenses for the hardware work?

All the hardware on our site already comes with a one year license included in the price!


When we speak with you after your order you can choose to extend the licenses if that suits you. You are also able to renew your licenses after the year is up.

How long does the entire process take?

After you place your order we will contact you within one working day to confirm details with you.


We will then begin preconfiguring you system and preparing your hardware for delivery.


After two weeks your system will arrive and can be installed within just one day.


All in all, the process will take 2-3 weeks, then you’ll be able to make full use of your system.

How much do I pay for the delivery of my hardware?

Nothing! As long as your shipping address is located in the UK, there will be no shipping costs charged to you.


Shipping to Europe, North America or elsewhere will likely incur fees.

What are the details regarding shipping and delivery?

As part of our package, we ship everything to your office for free! The systems usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive on site and they can be installed within just one day.

How long does it take to install the system?

After you place your order we will begin to gather your business requirements and pre-configure your system to meet your individual needs. Then when your system arrives the install can be done within the day.


The whole process can take less than 7 days from order to installation (subject to service provider availability).

Why is there a maximum of 200 users?

The recommended 10 to 200 users is based on the way the BE4000 is designed to work. This is the threshold that the system will function flawlessly. The system scales to this level to keep control of costs and speed of adoption.


Please contact us for larger deployments, we have multiple solutions available.

How can I add additional users after its been installed?

Adding additional users is extremely simple and fast and is part of the reason the BE4000 is renowned as being so flexible. When your system is set up you will have access to the cloud management portal which allows you to add/move/change any user and any feature in real time.


Alternatively, we will provide any assistance as part of our service if you need it.

How does the support service work?

You will always have 24/7 support with Cisco if you choose the ‘Self Installation’ option, however, with the ‘Managed Service’ option we will handle all support issues for you and communicate with Cisco as needed.

Can I use our company’s existing phones?

If your business already owns Cisco Unified IP Phone 7800 or 8800 Series phones then these can absolutely be used with the BE4000. Just fill in the order form to the best of your ability and request a personalised quote and we’ll work it out for you.


Please contact us to check the compatibility of your existing phones.


Unfortunately if you own phones already which are not Cisco branded, these will not work with the BE4000.

What do I have to organise with the service provider?

We understand that coordinating with your service provider can be challenging especially in light of potential technical changes being made to the service. As part of our service and to ensure things run as smoothly as possible, we will provide a complimentary one-hour consulting session where we coordinate with you and your carrier on the best way forward.

If additional time is required, we can provide that service at an hourly fee of £50 per hour. All additional fees must be pre-approved by the customers to control cost.

Whats the difference between Cisco Spark and WebEx Teams?

In April 2018 Cisco announced that they would be merging their instant messaging software, Spark, with their meeting application, WebEx to create a fully fledged all in one collaboration platform.


Because of this, the application went through a name and branding change.


The functional differences are very minimal and everything you were able to do with Cisco Spark you can now do with WebEx teams – and more!

How big are the WebEx Boards?

We currently offer the 55″ WebEx Board as an add on to your package, however if you like to purchase the larger 70″ Boards then please let us know as we can accommodate this. Both have LED high resolution 4K displays.


The Cisco WebEx Board is an all-in-one device that provides everything you need to collaborate with your teams in physical meeting rooms. You can wirelessly present, operate a digital white board, and have video and audio calls. And it securely connects to your virtual teams through the Cisco WebEx service, via your Cisco WebEx app-enabled devices, so you can take your meetings and content on the road.